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Welcome to the official website of the Dairy Flat School Newspaper. This newspaper is about all the happenings in the school, throughout all areas- Sport, Events, Classroom Learning and Important dates. It's all here in the Dairy Flat School  Newspaper.

Published by Maria Walker-Kinnell


Final Newspaper EVER

So, this is the last week of the Dairy Flat School Newspaper. I have been working on this for one year now, and since I am leaving school to go onto college, the newspaper is going too. I have found it very enjoyable doing this for everyone who reads it and I am very sad that this is the last issue. So here is a roundup of the year

Term 1

We started off with the powhiri to welcome everyone back to school, and to welcome all the new kids. It was a lovely start to the term with all the school rules being established and everyone getting used to being here. We also had the school leaders being chosen, and of course, the school picnic (which got rained out but, eh...) Then we had the year 5+6 camp which lasted 4 days. We also had the swimming sports around this time. Our inquiry about the 3 school values continued and Rimu took out term 1

Term 2

This term was a bit short on stuff that happened. We had Rimu take out term 2, and that is really all I can think of.

Term 3

We started with AG day art being started and the science topic for the term being talked about. This then lead on to the science fair happening n the last few weeks. The AG day prep started and for the PTA and BOT, requesting items and running the food collection. The winter sports prizegiving was hosted by Luther Marks and Maria Walker-Kinnell. Cross Country was won by Kowhai, and Puriri took out the term.

Term 4

AG day was held a few weeks after returning to school  and group day after it. Well done once again to sophie cotter for all her trophies. Athletics day was won by Puriri. We had Saxon hold the wheels day and mufti day for his reward from the Ag day auction. We had all classes practice for the prizegiving end of year and the kapa haka preform in front of many schools. The chori went on their trip to the concert as well. Puriri won the term. And that is where we are now.

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